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Dr Greg Rich http://www.gregrichdvm.com Avian Vet Clinic & Bird Hospital
Dr Tom Tully TTully@vetmed.lsu.edu Avian Vet Clinic, Bird Hospital & Avian Research
LSU Vet School http://www.vetmed.lsu.edu/ Avian Vet Clinic, Bird Hospital & Avian Research
GNO Vendors:    
Artistic Monograms http://www.gnoexpo.com/monograms/index.htm Monograms, Hats, Shirts & Stuffed Bird Toys.
Birds Unlimited of Metairie, LA http://www.birdsunlimitedinc.com Cages, Food, Bulk Seed & pellets
Full service Bird Products. Retail & Wholesale
Feathers & Gems http://www.feathersandgems.com/ Acrylic Cages, Toys, Birds and Bird Jewelry
Folse Feathers http://www.folsefeather.com/ Acrylic Cages, Metal Nest Boxes,
Cockatoos, Bird Accessories
Including Bird Diapers.
LaJon Aviary http://lajonaviary.com/ Good selection of hard to get birds
Hawkhead Parrots -Males and Females, Med. Sulphur (Eleanora) Cockatoo & Citron Cockatoo.
Parrots Playthings http://parrotsplaythings.com/ Perches, Wood Products, Birds, Large selection of every size of toys & Food
TnT Pets www.freewebs.com/tntpets A Variety of Hand-Fed Baby Parrots
Tree Gym's http://members.aol.com/treegym Table top perches & stands
Avian Links:    
National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation http://www.parrotfestival.org/ Companion Parrot Education and Preservation
Parrot Pages http://www.parrotpages.com/index.shtml Comprehensive compilation of Information and Links
Bird Shows .com http://www.birdshows.com Bird Fair Listings & Other Info
Birds-n-Ways http://www.birdsnways.com/index.htm Guide to Parrots & Exotic Birds
Bird Talk Magazine    
African Grey Forum  http://www.greyforums.net/ Compilation of articles & African Grey related info
Hunter's Haven http://www.huntershaven.net Congos, Caiques, Budgies, Tiels,  Conures, Hahn's Macaws, Kakarikis, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Quakers, Ringnecks and Red Rump Keets.  Several Bird Toy Lines, Swings, Birdie Huts and Hand- painted Bird shoulder purses.
Parrot Supercenter

Longview, TX



Specializing in Parrot related Products and Baby Parrots. A large selection of Parrot Gyms, Perches (Sandy Perches), Bird Toys, & Accessories. Free shipping on all Bird Cages including Kings Cages and Avian Adventures Cages. 
  http://dsc.discovery.com/ A variety of diversions